The flow sensor GF series of XGZ is used in the medical field


The flow sensor series GF3000, GF400, and GF5000 independently developed by XGZ all use MEMS flow sensor chip technology to measure the flow of gas medium in the flow channel through thermodynamic principles. The design of the flow channel is reasonable, and the pressure drop is low; through a special calibration circuit, the signal of the MEMS sensor is temperature compensated and calibrated to obtain an accurate and effective flow signal.



    • Chip design, sealing test, structure design, high-precision algorithm and other links of all self-research technology  

    • Highly customized, perfect match for foreign competitive products  

    • Automatic high-precision calibration system ensures delivery  

    • Digital/analog output is optional  

    • Wide temperature and high precision compensation 

    • 0.1-5-300L range is optional



    • Anesthesia machine

    • Ventilator

    • High-flow humidified oxygen delivery device, etc


Product Line up