Smart Meter SMPS


The intelligent metering system built on smart meters can fulfil the requirements of smart power grids for load management, distributed power access, energy efficiency, grid dispatching, electricity market transactions and emission reduction. Generally, the requirements for the reliability and performance of the power supply used by smart meters are becoming higher and higher. Traditional power frequency transformers have been difficult to perform this task. However, the latest 1050V VIPER series SMPS developed by ST can be well qualified for this application.


Viper26k Solution:

  • Isolated flyback topology, Secondary side regulation (SSR). Up to 10W output power in wide input voltage range. High efficiency even at light load and 30mW input power at no load.
  • High Voltage to comply with ULTRA WIDE VAC input range. Jittered PWM controller plus 1050V avalanche rugged power MOSFET. Easy compliance with IEC 61000-4-2/4/5 immunity test ( 8kV Burst/ 2KV Surge, 20kV Air Elect. discharge, 10kV Contact discharge).
  • High integration for MINIMIZED BoM and compact PCB. Two current limit options (500mA or 700mA) to optimize the transformer size.
  • Choose Viper26k,Viper16/26,Viper37,ALTAIR04 according to the technical requirement.

Target Applications

Power supply for 1 and 3-Phase Smart Energy Meters Aux Power Supply for :

  • 3-Phase Industrial Systems
  • Ultra-wide voltage range
  • High Power LED lighting
  • Air conditioning

Block Diagram/Evaluation Board/Photo

Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions

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