LED Dimming Driver w/ NFC Interface


To program the LED driver with NFC in a cost-effectively way, ST has developed an NFC-PWM solution. The contactless NFC interface can replace the “plug-in resistor” current setting mode. It improves operational efficiency by automating programming during the production. We simply the choice of LED module by reducing the types of LED drivers. It brings a great flexibility to the value chain.


Speedy, Flexibility

  • Setting output parameter through NFC interface at any stage
  • Programing fixtures faster without complex mechanics


  • Set and protect proprietary info. Find correct replacement driver

Reduced cost

  • Meet a diverse set of customer Easily adjust devices
  1. Choose ST25DV04K, ST25DV16K,ST25DV02K-W1, ST25DV02K-W2 according to the technical requirement.
  2. STM32L011D4 MCU

Target Applications

Intelligent lighting control

Block Diagram/Evaluation Board/Photo

Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions

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