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Smart Waste Management


Smart waste system based on the ARM PELION platform can collect the data in time by detecting the status and type of the trash bin in the community. The environmental department arrange different transfer vehicles for timely disposal according to the real-time information mastered. Thereby improving the efficiency of urban waste management and reducing the cost of waste transfer, which fully reflects the superiority of smart cities.


  • Business synergy
    The vehicle management, staff management, facility management, task processing, maps, real-time communication and other business collaborations to open up the relationship between the business and various departments, forming a rapid collaborative management mechanism.


  • Management visualization
    All data such as vehicle operation, personnel operation, facility operation and alarm information can be visually displayed on the web to realize visualized management of waste.


  • Refined supervision
    Managers can use the supervision platform to implement comprehensive and refined management of vehicles, staff and arrangement in accordance with the assessment standards.


  • Emergency command and dispatch
    Managers can view the distribution of staff, vehicles and facilities on the web in real time. When there is an emergency case, the system can automatically make dispatch prompts, allowing the administrator to quickly analyze decisions and deal with temporary emergencies.


  • Fast response
    When a garbage incident occurs on the spot, the system can automatically give an early warning, and automatically dispatch nearby personnel and vehicles for on-site disposal in the first time. It can report and solve the problem as fast as possible.


  • Standardization of assessment
    Intelligent rules and regulations such as operation standards, form data analysis tables, and realize waste management operation management through procedural and automated functions, automatic generation, summary, and analysis.

Target Applications

Smart Waste Management_diagram

The web system monitors the status of real-time garbage bin and garbage truck transfer vehicle location, which is used in different categories of municipal garbage supervision.


  • Domestic waste management
  • Food waste management
  • Medical waste management
  • Construction waste management
  • Bulk waste management
  • Garbage facility management

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