Board of Directors and Senior Management

Non-executive Directors

Xie Lishu
Chairman and Non-executive Director
Huang Shaoli
Non-executive Director

Executive Directors

Hon Kar Chun
Managing Director and Executive Director
Leung Hon Shing
Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Joint Company Secretary

Independent Non-executive Directors

Chong Eng Wee
Independent Non-executive Director and Lead Independent Director
Tong Kai Cheong
Independent Non-executive Director
Lau Chin Huat
Independent Non-executive Director
Tso Sze Wai
Independent Non-executive Director
Jiang Maolin
Independent Non-executive Director

Senior Management

Leung Chi Hang Daniel
Deputy Managing Director – Human Resources / Information Technology / Logistics / Marketing Communication
Lai Sze Chuen, Pele
Deputy Managing Director of Marketing
Kwan Wing Kin, Samuel
General Manager of Marketing
Chan Fan Cheong, Patrick
General Manager – Risk Management
Cheung Yiu Wing, Teddy
General Manager – South China
Hon Wai Keung, Ken
General Manager – Technical Department