Board of Directors and Senior Management

Non-executive Director

Leung Chun Wah
Chairman and Non-executive Director

Executive Directors

Hon Kar Chun
Managing Director and Executive Director
Leung Hon Shing
Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
Leung Chi Hang Daniel
Executive Director

Independent Non-executive Directors

Wong Kwan Seng, Robert
Independent Non-executive Director
Iu Po Chan, Eugene
Independent Non-executive Director
Lim Lee Meng
Independent Non-executive Director

Senior Management

Chan Fan Cheong, Patrick
General Manager – Risk Management
Cheung Yiu Wing, Teddy
General Manager – South China
Hon Wai Keung, Ken
General Manager – Technical Department
Kwan Wing Kin, Samuel
General Manager of Marketing
Lai Sze Chuen, Pele
Deputy Managing Director of Marketing