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Digital Car Tuner + DSP + AMP


A new high-performance and low-cost TUNER + DSP solution for the car entertainment system.


  • AK7765 is a high-performance, low-cost DSP for automotive infotainment system applications with Radio, audio processing including ADCs and DACs.
  • It includes internal memory for digital audio processing, allowing audio to be processed with surround effects, time alignment, and parametric equalization. In addition, AKM’s original software algorithms can provide high-performance automotive hands-free function.
  • AK7765 can support global band analog Tuner and HD TUNER and external HD TUNER decoder. In addition, it can support European RDS / North American RBDS format. A RAM-based DSP can be programmed for user requirements. It can also handle both audio and Hands-free functions simultaneously.
  • The back-stage op amp adopts Nisshinbo NJM4580, power amp uses ST TDA series, external DAC uses AKM AK4430, the external flash uses MICROCHIP SST25VF series, and the Low Power LDO can use Torex XC6XXX series.

Target Applications

  • Car navigation systems
  • Car audio
  • Display audio
  • Car-related audio systems

Block Diagram/Evaluation Board/Photo

OP AMPNisshinboNJM4580
Low power LDOTorexXC6xxx Series

Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions

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