Multi-Function Dimming LED Driver


Now current energy-saving regulations are becoming more and more stringent, customers are become demanding about reliability and performance. The development of intelligent lighting requires high precision, programmable and color adjustment LED driver. The DALI / 0-10V control interface compatible with various wireless control modes and also meet various safety certifications. It should be your perfect partner.


Multiply function:

  • Two-channel output
  • Handheld programmer adjusts output parameters
  • Built – in multiple dimming curves, Reprogrammable two independent dimming curve, one per channel.
  • DALI,0-10V Dimming, Record working hours
  • Setting over temperature protection curve and NTC curve
  • Wi-Fi BT RF Zigbee can be extended


  • Meet Class2 specification
  • Support active and passive dimmer ANSI E1.3 – 2001 (R2011) 0 to 10 V analog control specification
  • 符合ANSI E1.3 – 2001 (R2011) 0-10V調光接口標準
  • Meet DALI2
  • CV or CC mode
  • Perfect protection: UL LISTED, CLASS P
  1. L6563H L6599A SRK2001 SEA05 LDK320ADU50R VIPer06LS M24C64-DRMN3P TSX631AILT LDK320ADU120R
  3. Low power dissipation MOSFET

Target Applications

Intelligent lighting control

Block Diagram/Evaluation Board/Photo

Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions

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