Digital Power


Now energy-saving regulations are becoming more and more stringent; customers become demanding about reliability and performance requirements. This is a challenge for every R&D engineer of SMPS. ST’s digital PFC+LLC (LCC) solution provides you with an efficient way to solve this problem.


  • Digital control, Controller built-in firmware. No programming is required.
  • PFC section:
    • Ramp Enhanced Constant On Time with high speed digital loop and low speed digital loop, Double loop control, Perfect THD
    • Multi- mode operation @ medium / high loads,@ low load, @ very low load
  • Half bridge section:
    • LLC or LCC, current- mode operation, Time-shift control, Advanced protections, Programmable Burst mode.
  • FTP (NVM) memory allows adapting the IC to different applications by programming several K-parameters during manufacturing
  1. Choose ST25DV04K, ST25DV16K,ST25DV02K-W1, ST25DV02K-W2 according to the technical requirement
  2. STM32L011D4 MCU

Target Applications

Intelligent lighting control

Block Diagram/Evaluation Board/Photo

Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions

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