Digital Programmable Dimmer


With the development of smart home and the popularization of LED lighting, the Bluetooth technology of smart phones is increasingly used in various aspects of life. Mobile user can control one or more groups of LED lamps via smart phone. The solutions we provide not only enable you to feel the joy of the latest technology, but also contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection.


  • MCU+ MOSFET topology, Compatible with R, L, C loads
  • UART communication port available, Adopt TUYA communication protocol for BT WIFI Zigbee modules, App Control
  • Programmable phase angle setting, Intelligent control of phase angle in start period, Soft start
  • Push switch remote control function
  • Digital control, Strong anti-interference capability and protection

    1. 8-bit MCU STM32L011D4 with low cost and low power consumption
    2. Low Rds-on MOSFET

Target Applications

  • High efficiency and energy saving lighting control
  • Intelligent lighting control

Block Diagram/Evaluation Board/Photo


Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions

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