Murata secondary lithium battery provides solutions for customers


As smart phones, tablet computers and electronic pens create market needs of battery. Electronic pens use dry batteries or rechargeable battery as solution. The AAAA size dry battery cannot be bought in general stores while the rechargeable battery takes time to recharge. Murata provide solution by developing secondary lithium batteries in the market.

  • It can be charged at high rate (10C) without charging IC.
  • Achieve the maximum discharge rate of 10C discharge, due to low internal resistance and small voltage drop, stable discharge can be achieved even under high load and low temperature.
  • More than 80% charge (capacity) recovery rate in 5000 cycles.
  • It uses chemically stable lithium titan-ate and adopts a safety design to prevent thermal runaway.


  • Electronic pen
  • Barcode reader/POS (payment terminal)
  • Various wearable devices
  • Other battery drivers
  • Solar charging equipment
  • Wireless sensor node combined with various power generation components