XGZ——a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, design and manufacturing of MEMS sensors

MEMS is a ubiquitous and integral part and is used in a wide range of products. Wuxi Sencoch Semiconductor Co., LTD has a relatively complete MEMS sensor industry chain, covering chip design, packaging testing, module calibration, solution design, edge computing all-round capabilities, multiple links to achieve independent innovation, independent and controllable, all the advantages are obvious to meet various market demands.


Starting from MEMS pressure sensors, focusing on high-value subdivided industries, and continuously expanding the core product matrix, products such as pressure, infrared, flow, gas, speed, temperature, etc. have been developed, and mass production has been successfully achieved, and sensors are provided to customers Algorithms, Internet of Things platform design and other services.



Home Appliance :

Gas Water Heater, Range Hood Machine, Rice Cocker, Drinking Machine, Kettle, Coffee Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Bread Machine



Product Line-up