TOREX Power IC package inductor in DC-DC converter allows the development of small and lightweight in hearing aid products


The hearing aids market represented by hearing aids has always attracted the attention of many people. A hearing aid is a small amplifier that can amplify the sound that was not heard before, and then use the residual hearing of the hearing impaired to allow the sound to be transmitted. It can reach the auditory center of the brain, and then feel the sound, which provides a very convenient life for the hearing-impaired. TOREX’s power IC products feature in a small package, low power consumption, and maximize power efficiency in the small PCB space of the product.



TOREX Micro DC/DC both XCL package inductor series DC/DC

  1. Keep noise to control in minimum Low-Noise level.
  2. Solve the heat problem with the optimization of the structure
  3. Package :CL-2025 (2.0×2.5×1.0mm)



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