Susumu metal thin film chip resistors in automotive industry


Since 1964, Susumu committed to the highest reliability standard. The RG Series, the most popular metal thin film chip resistors because of their high precision, high reliability and long-term stability, is the base of our line-up of new innovative products: a higher precision, higher operating temperature, higher power handling capability, higher anti-surge capability version of the RG series and so on.

All of these products employ the inorganic passivation technology that enables high precision and high reliability.  In addition, the thin film based terminal technology does not involve any Ag (silver) and they are sulfur impervious.



    • Tight tolerance and low TCR (±0.01%, 1ppm)
    • Less noise Ave. -30dB
    • Superior heat dissipation
    • High frequency performance (up to 50GHz)
    • High reliability, zero-defect
    • 100% ROHS/REACH compliant
    • Automotive grade AEC-Q200 compliant



    • Automotive industry