Application of Susumu current detection sampling resistor in home appliance industry


Based on energy saving and reducing the cost of electricity, home appliance industry choose cost-effective, small-sized, high-power current detection resistors. Susumu provides high-power, low-temperature drift and high-precision current detection sampling resistance. The maximum power can reach 10W that provides long-side electrode and short-side electrode resistance for selection. In the same size, the long-side electrode resistance power is greater; in the same power, the long-side electrode can be smaller in size. It is beneficial to the development of product miniaturization. Susumu products have superior heat dissipation performance, low temperature rise, low ESL, and meet AEC-Q200 standards.

Apply in various home appliance products: high-end dishwashers, washing machines (including household and commercial, drums and pulsators), refrigerators and air conditioners (including household and commercial). She has close relationship with major home appliance manufacturers all over the world.