ViPower has become a new standard for high-current automotive applications


VIPower™ is a technology developed by ST and in production since 1991. Vertical Intelligent Power technologies provide control, protection and diagnostics for medium/high power automotive loads. The technology combines Vertical Double Diffused MOS Power devices with their own temperature and current sensors and CMOS and HV components for Power-Analog-Mixed design. In the latest configuration of the technology, TrenchFET Power Devices are integrated to provide a 35% reduction in the Ron resistance compared to the previous DMOS structures.

STMicroelectronics has launched a new vehicle-level VIPower M0-7 E series, which is fully compatible with the previous VIPower M0-7 series. It also has a comparative advantage in price.

  • Enhanced function of M0-7
  • PowerSSO-16 package
  • Top-notch reliability
  • Power limit
  • Flexible latch function
  • Multi-channel current detection
  • Comprehensive switch diagnosis function
  • Reverse polarity protection with external components
  • Optimize EMI performance through enhanced gate driver
  • Low quiescent current
  • Excellent accuracy of current detection
  • LV124 severe cold start pulse immunity
  • Improved thermal parameters of the package


VIPower devices are usually used as a switch between the battery (or power supply) and the load, and are most suitable for controlling convenient functions such as interior and exterior lighting, seat adjustment DC motors, door locks and window lifts, resistance heaters, and any other convenient functions that need to be controlled at the same time. Electric load with three functions of induction and power supply.

  • Body control
  • Gateway
  • Motor control unit
  • Mobile computer
  • Domain controller
  • Battery Management System