STM M0-9 VIPower™ SPI High Side Drivers

M0-9 SPI is the World’s first family of power HSDs with Digital Current Sense. The first with Integrated PWM generation and sampling synchronization unit. All come in a footprint up to 42% smaller than the best competitor.

Hardware benefits:

  • High channel count (up to 6) in 0.36cm2 footprint (QFN 6×6)
  • Low microcontroller digital I/O employment
  • No microcontroller Analog channels required
  • Low external component count
  • No Analog and Digital external I/O expander required
  • Less than 5% Digital Current Sense accuracy at Nominal Load with Trimming option


Software benefits:

  • No need of application level calibration
  • PWM engine on board with fully autonomous, sampled diagnostic
  • Fully autonomous, internally synchronized and asynchronous accessible diagnostic
  • Fully portable SW