STSPIN32G4 is the best motor control choice for industry and brushless motors


The STSPIN32G4 is an extremely integrated and flexible motor controller for driving 3-phase brushless motors, helping designers to choose the most suitable driving mode and reduce PCB area and overall BOM.



    • Motor supply voltage from 5.5 V to 75 V
    • Three Phase Driver
    • STM32G431 microcontroller with 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU+FPU core
    • Possibility to control 2 motors simultaneously from the same MCU
    • Low-power in stand-by
    • On-chip debug support via SWD or JTAG
    • Extended temperature range: -40 to +125°C




    • Industrial automation & Robotics
    • Battery powered Home Appliances
    • Power tools
    • Drones and aero modeling
    • Fans and pumps