STNRG011ADigital combo multi-mode PFC and time-shift LLC resonant controller


The STNRG011A embodies a multi-mode (transition-mode and DCM) PFC controller, a high-voltage double-ended controller for the LLC resonant half-bridge, an 800 V-rated startup generator and a sophisticated digital engine, that manages the optimal operation of three blocks.



    • Digital combo multi-mode PFC + time-shift LLC resonant half-bridge controller
    • Onboard 800 V startup circuit, line sense and X-cap discharge compliant with IEC 62368-1, for reduced standby power
    • Enhanced fixed on time multi-mode TM PFC controller with input voltage feed-forward, THD optimizer and frequency limitation
    • Complete set of PFC protections
    • Time-shift control of resonant half-bridge
    • Enhanced burst-mode at light load with fast transient response and line adaptive half- bridge brown-out protection
    • Complete set of half-bridge protections


    • AC-DC adapter

    • Power Charger

    • Flat screen TV SMPS

    • Lighting

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