Sanken SIM689xM series 600V three-phase motor driver


Sanken’s offers a broad lineup of motor drivers to support various applications, from white goods (air conditioners, refrigerators, and more), office automation (OA) equipments, to industrial applications.

  • Built-in bootstrap diode and current limiting resistor
  • 3-shunt current detection corresponding
  • CMOS input compatible (3.3 V/5 V)
  • Protection function:
  • Overcurrent protection function (OCP)
  • Control power supply voltage undervoltage lockout function (UVLO)
  • Over temperature lock function (TSD): 150 °C (typ.)
  • Temperature monitoring function (VT)
  • FO error output (output only)
  • Insulation withstand voltage: 1500 V for 1 min.