Optimize your investment with IoT Device Management


For IoT applications to deliver transformative business value, you need a reliable IoT device management solution that ensures devices are up to date, secure, and always accessible. Pelion provide lifecycle management for any device, managed from the cloud, on-site, or through gateways.


Willas-Array and Pelion delivers application-specific connectivity options such as smart door lock solution and remote smart fan solution. Standards-based Wi-SUN mesh networking, ideal for supporting large-scale production-grade management of outdoor IoT devices such as smart utility meters. 

Smart Door Lock Solution:

  • Communication method: NB
  • Control Panel: Web interface, WeChat app and APP
  • Features: The NB smart door solution is simple, reliable and convenient. People can lock/unlock your door with Web, WeChat and APP .The solution provides remote base station positioning and also let your smart lock with ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long distance, and ultra-light transmission mode.

Remote Smart Fan:

  • Communication method: CAT1/NB-IOT
  • Control Panel: Web interface, WeChat app and APP
  • Motor:  PMSM/BLDC Fan
  • Features: The smart fan solution provides CAT1 or NB-IOT network system. You can remotely control fans without gateway. The intelligent application helps you to remote control fans’ actions and also report the operating status, such as turn on and off motors, adjust speed and fault alarm.

Wi-SUN Communication Module

  • Communication method: Wi-SUN
  • Control Panel: Web interface, WeChat app and APP
  • Features: Wi-SUN is a communication protocol of IOT applications. With self-organizing and self-repairing functions, information can be jumped over long distances at each node. It is security, scalability, interoperability and easy deployment with Mesh network with low power consumption (the battery life of the Wi-SUN module can be used for ten years). Wi-SUN is widely used in communications, such as smart meters and smart home energy management (HEMS).