「R1560/R1561 Series」and 「R3160 Series」 suitable for Automotive


The demand for power supply products in industries and automotive at a high level, and high withstand voltage characteristics are essential.R1560 / R1561 is a low drop-out (LDO) voltage regulator and input voltages ranging from 5.5 V to 60 V. The R3160 has a wide range of voltage detector threshold. All are suitable for automotive and industry.



    • The R1560, with its low operating current of typically 0.3 µA and standby current of typically 0.1 µA, reduces the supply current at the system shutdown.

    • The R1561, only 20 µA with its good transient response, achieves a stable operation even in applications with large ripples and heavy loads.

    • R3160 this product for industrial applications is characterized to -50°C and operates in a wide temperature range from low temperature to high temperature, and high-accuracy voltage detector from 10 V to 48 V.


    • 48 V mild hybrid system cars

    • 24 V batteries commercial cars

    • Li-ion-battery-powered micro motilities, including electric bicycles and kick scooters

    • Industria equipment

    • Conventional FA equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems


Product Line-up


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