NCC HXF Series realized highest level ripple current capability in market

Nippon Chemi-Con

Development of conductive polymer Hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor HXF series is focused higher ripple current capability and downsizing which required from Automotive electrical equipment.


This Hybrid technology (Electrolyte and Conductive polymer) realizes high reliability such as epoch-making downsizing, good ESR characteristics, highest ripple current in the market and heat resistance of 150℃.It contributes to downsizing of 12v / 48v mechanical electrical integrated inverters and increasing reliability for inverter of electric vehicles.


    • Guaranteed short time operating temperature at 150℃
    • Endurance with ripple current : 4,000 hours at 135℃
    • AEC-Q200 compliant


    • For high temperature and high reliability usage
    • For automotive equipment
    • For power suppliers (Base station)

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