Murata 1st core-free current sensor capable of simultaneously achieving high speed response and ultra-high measurement accuracy

In recent years, in order to achieve decarbonization and carbon neutrality, the development of motor drives and solar power systems for industrial equipment has made continuous progress, and the demand for high efficiency of inverters and DC-DC converters responsible for energy conversion is increasing. To this end, Murata has developed and started mass production of the  MRD series, a core-free current sensor that can simultaneously achieve high response speed and high measurement accuracy.


    • By using TMR components, high precision current measurements can be made over a wide temperature range.
    • It adopts open-loop mode without magnetic core to realize high-speed response, low power consumption, miniaturization and thinness.
    • The differential method, which eliminates the influence of external magnetic field, helps to prevent misoperation.


    • Automotive: Charging station
    • Industrial: Server power distribution unit (PDU), Solar power system power regulator (PCS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), battery management system (BMS) motor control, switching power supply (SMPS), smart electricity meter
    • Consumer: Air conditioning, refrigerators and other appliances equipped with inverter, power tools

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