Murata launches 6DoF integrated gyroscope acceleration sensor


Murata has developed a new MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) 6DoF inertial sensor, which can be used for unmanned off-road vehicles, dynamic inclination sensing and GNSS positioning assistance. The sensor provide advanced technology and new solutions for advanced driver or operator assistance systems, unmanned vehicles and GNSS measuring instruments.


This product can exert excellent performance at the component level in terms of key parameters such as bias stability and noise.

Murata SCHA63T sensor is an unique single in-line package 6DoF component with advance level of performance. In the past, this level of inertial sensors could only perform on expensive high-end IMU modules. Now the new sensor can achieve centimeter-level accuracy in mechanical dynamic and positioning sensing. It ensures a safety and stable design.


One of the key points of SCHA63T product development is to ensure the machine can operate normally under strong shocks and vibrations. The SHCA63T sensor includes a number of advanced self-diagnostic functions and fully complies with ASIL-D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) requirements.


The SCHA63T sensor has a wide range of fault protection functions and error bits for diagnosis, including internal reference signal monitoring, checksum technology to verify communication, and detection of signal saturation and out of range. Murata’s unique three-axis accelerometer has a continuous self-test function, which can monitor the sensor during the measurement. Even if the system using SCHA63T does not need to comply with international functional safety standards, the design support files we provide can provide customers with a low-cost, stable and fast design process.