Microchip provides the world’s leading automotive networking solutions


Microchip now has a world-leading automotive network solution with a broad product portfolio, including media-oriented systems transport-Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST®) technology, SMSC’s Ethernet and USB products. She also provides Eqcologic’s coaxial technology, Micrel’s (Mike) Rael’s) Ethernet products and ATMEL’s latest CAN and LIN products. In addition to passing the TS16949 certification, Microchip’s products have also passed AEC-Q100 certification, support PPAP and have a highly reliable record zero PPM quality plan to control product quality.

  • Unified Centralized network stacking

Unified centralized network stacking (UNICENS) is a centralized vehicle information network operation method. UNICENS is powerful, which can reduce the demand for MCU and software, save costs under operation and speed up the time to market.

  • Ethernet

Microchip is a leader in providing automotive Ethernet solutions and has delivered more than 50 million ports to date.

  • USB consumer device connection

USB has become a ubiquitous interface for transferring data, charging and controlling and operating portable consumer devices. Microchip’s USB solution supports CarPlay, Android Auto and CarLife. The product portfolio includes BC 1.2 suitable for hubs, card readers, switches, battery charging (DCP, CDP and DSP), Type-C™ charging support and power supply.

  • CAN / CAN FD

Microchip’s CAN transceiver family provides many features. 

  • LIN

Microchip’s LIN products provide you with reliable and low-cost network solutions.

  • Automotive Safety

With the rapid increase in the number of wireless interfaces in cars, cars have the opportunity to be attacked by local and remote vehicle networks. Microchip has already grasped the advantages and provided a flexible automotive safety solution.