650V, 1200V IGBT -MCC’s IGBT offer low conduction loss, low switching


MCC’s IGBT use a Trench-Field Stop technology that provides superior current conduction capability with low conduction loss and low switching loss. It allows paralleling due to the positive temperature coefficient. It is relatively easy to operate and simple to turn it on and off. With the various range of products, engineers may have more choices to select the right parts to apply in their application.



    • Low Vce(sat) for low conduction loss

    • Low Eon/Eoff for low switching loss

    • High current conductivity

    • Including fast & soft recovery   anti-parallel FWD Positive temperature coefficient

    • Easy to parallel



    • Photovoltaic / Solar Inverter PFC Circuitry

    • UPS

    • Welding Machine

    • Motor Control Circuit

    • Electric Compressor and Heater


Product Line-up