Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co Ltd is invested by Japan Daikin Industries, Ltd. Japan Daikin Industries, Ltd was founded in 1924. It’s a multi-national enterprise proactive in air-conditioning, fluorochemicals, and hydraulic machines, etc. In 2003, as the fourth global fluorochemical production base of Daikin, Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd was put into operation in China. As the first foreign-capital enterprise of fluorochemicals in China. With comprehensive quality management, complete technical service, leading environmental protection notions, global production and sales network and lasting safety system, the Company has won high praise.

Product Items

Fluorine Chemical Products (Antifouling Coating, Mold Releasing Agents, Water and Oil Repellents), Polyflon (PTFE), Fluoropolymer Coating (ZEFFLE), Environmentally Friendly Air-Conditioning Refrigerant

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