Space-saving Chip Ferrite Beads for Automotive Noise Suppression


With mechanical systems inside vehicles being replaced by electronic ones, plus increasing levels of data acquisition being witnessed, suppression of electro-magnetic interference (EMI) noise emanating from power supply lines is recognised as a vital element of modern automobile design. The number of sensors and cameras being incorporated into vehicles is increasing dramatically, in order to support ADAS and eventually autonomous driving, and the integrity of the data captured by these devices needs to be maintained while it is transported to and from the relevant ECUs.



    • In a 1005 mm (0402 inch) size

    • The low DC resistance characteristics of these components (down to 0.022 Ohms Max.) helps to mitigate the power losses experienced and keeps associated heat generation to a minimum.

    • The inherent robustness of AEC-Q200 qualified 

    • Operational temperature range of −55°C to +125°C(SH1 series), even greater range of −55°C to +150°C (BH1 series)

    • Impedance (at 100MHz) from 33Ω to 600Ω (same conditions)


      Low DC Resistance with 0.022Ω(BLM15PX330)~0.23Ω(BLM15PX601)



    • Automotive Usage: Powertrain/Safety



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