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Business Scope

arrow-orange Wide range of products

The Group offers a massive range of product to facilitate customers to deal with nowadays dynamic business environment. That includes: automotive electronics, smart lighting, motor control, smart home, industrial electronics, security application, wireless module and fluorine chemical etc. The product portfolio provides good base for high value design and solution for customer to be agile enough to meet with their business needs.


arrow-orange Professional team

As one of the industry leaders, Willas-Array does more than just distribute electronic components. The Group assists customers to sustain their competitive advantages by offering creative ideas, and integrating concept into application in short period of lead time. The swift solutions help customer to save previous time on development stage, and accelerate their go-to-market plan in the most agile and flexible fashion.


arrow-orange Premium value-added services

At Willas-Array, we believe service excellence is of utmost importance. We strive to deliver premium value-added services to customers. To further enhance the Group’s operational efficiency, we have adopted a set of well-known ERP system – SAP. By refining the SAP to better suit our business environment, Willas-Array implemented a premium platform of Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, and Sales & Operation Management. Together with professional logistics staff as the driver of the system, the Group ensures quick turnaround and swift delivery for the customers.

  • AKM
  • Allystar
  • ARM
  • BroadMobi
  • Daikin
  • Dexerials
  • eSOL
  • Fibocom
  • GP
  • HTC
  • Iriso
  • Isahaya
  • MCC
  • Microchip
  • MuRata
  • New Japan Radio Co Ltd
  • Nippon Chem-Con
  • Oike
  • Rectron
  • Sanken
  • SMK
  • Sony
  • ST
  • Stanley
  • Susumu Co Ltd
  • Torex Semiconductor Ltd
  • Vishay
  • CRRC Yonge