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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Murata GRA

Background: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a global leading integrated electronic components manufacturer in ceramics material development and manufacturing over half century. Products across a wide spectrum of functional ceramics for diversed applications specialized on Mobile and RF (IEEE802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth), Computer, Automotive and Digital Audio / Visual.




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Capacitors contact technical icon

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors

Electrical Double Layer Capacitor


Inductors (Coils)

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Inductors for Power Circuit (choke inductors)

Chip Inductors (for general-purpose, for RF circuit and for automotive)


Noise Suppression Products/EMI Suppression Filters

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Noise Suppression Filters EMIFIL® (chip and lead type)

Common Mode Chokes (chip and lead type) ESD

Protection Devices



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Trimmer Potentiometers

High Voltage Resistors


Timing Devices

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Ceramic Resonators CERALOCK® for MHz and kHz

Crystal Units


Filters for Audio Visual Equipment

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Ceramic Filters CERAFIL® (filters, traps and discriminators)

SAW Filters(for TV, VCR and digital equipments)

Filters for Communication Equipment contact technical icon

Duplexers (SAW duplexers and dielectric duplexers GIGAFIL®)

Filters for RF/local (SAW filters, dielectric filters GIGAFIL® and LC filters)

Filters for IF (ceramic filters CERAFIL® and SAW filters)

RF Components/Modules contact technical icon

Isolators, Couplers (Chip Multilayer, Film type)

Thin Film Circuit Substrate RUSUB®

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®Module

Sensors contact technical icon

Infrared Sensors

Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensors

MEMS sensors

Thermistors contact technical icon

PTC Thermistors POSISTOR®

NTC Thermistors

Power Supplies contact technical icon

Switching Power Supplies

Ionizer Modules

Murata Power Solution (MPS)

Sound Components contact technical icon

Piezoelectric Diaphragms/ Buzzers

Piezoelectric Sounders / Ringers

Micromechatronics contact technical icon


Piezoelectric Actuators

Ceramic Applied Products contact technical icon

LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) Multilayer Substrates LFC®

Ionizer Ionissimo® contact technical icon
Ozonizer Ionissimo® contact technical icon
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