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Technical Solutions

The highly skilled technical division bases on the needs of customer, integrates insightful ideas into optimal value-added execution. Bringing customers with high performance solutions alongside with better cost efficiency.


Wireless Module Solution

ValenceTech Pedometer appicon                         



arrow-orange Smart Band Solution:

- Movement logger, record movement details.
- Smart sleeping pattern monitor
- Bluetooth SMART connection with Smartphone (iOS or Android 4.4)
- App features: step counting, calories burned, distance, sleeping pattern, goal setting, store past 30 days data.
- Alarm with silent mode by vibration.

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Automotive Solution

TMD AutomotiveBLDC icon


arrow-orange Oil Pump, Water Pump, Fan Solution:

- Smooth start, accurate RPM
- Communicate to ECU through CAN
- Closed Loop Control



arrow-orange Electronic Power Steering Solution:

- Torque will be automatically adjusted according velocity
- Communicate to ECU through CAN
- Temp protection, System Fault protection


arrow-orange HVAC Solution:

- Direct drive: 4 stepper motor / 8 DC motor
- Communicate to ECU through CAN
- Temp protection, System Fault protection


arrow-orange Auto Fold Side Mirror:

- Direct driver 4 DC motor
- Position Memory
- Foreign Object Detection
- Communication to ECU through CAN
- Temp protection, System Fault protection

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Motor Control Solution



arrow-orange Air Purifier / Rangehood / Fan / Water Bump Solution:  

- Single Shunt Resistor, Sensorless, FOC
- Customize the characteristic of motor
- Cost effective Solution

Washing Machine  

arrow-orange Washing Machine Solution:

- Single Shunt Resistor, Senseless, FOC
- High Efficiency, Reliable and Environmental Friendly
- Customize the characteristic of motor

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Digital Audio Solution

Panasonic headphone                         

arrow-orange Proximity, Touch Keys, Sliders, Touch screen and Touch Pad solution:

- Use touch slide control solution to replace the button, it can  reduce the mechanical noise
- 3D Gestures control solution
- Provide cost effective solution for different function

 Philips Docking  


arrow-orange Headphone, Portable speaker, Audio system and Sound Bar Solution:

- In addition on Bluetooth wireless solution, we also support the high resolution and lossless wireless audio solution
- Support iOS and Android system
- Provide cost effective solution for different function


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Smart Meter Solution



arrow-orange Smart Single Phase Meter:                                

- High accurate RTC ±0.3s/day
- Auto run TRC compensation function
- Standby current < 20uA


arrow-orange Smart Gas Meter:

- High accurate RTC ±0.3s/day
- Standby current < 8uA
- Support IC Card Reader

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Smart LED Solution

MXCHIP WiFiSmartLED appicon                      


arrow-orange Smart Home LED Solution:

- Use WiFi/ BT/ Zigbee Wireless chip set
- Support multiple 16bit PWM output on each device
- Apps control dimming and mix color

LED Driver   

arrow-orange Multi-function Dimming LED Driver Solution:

- Input voltage: 85V-265V; PF>0.9; Po: 25W ; Eff: 82%-84%
- Dimming function: 1-10V Dimming, Resister Dimming, Switch Dimming
- Support synchronous dimming
- Constant current output: 46V/350mA, 500mA, 700mA which defined by dip switch. Each current stage can support 1% -100% dimming level
- Constant voltage output: 24V/900mA, 12V/900mA


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  • Allystar
  • ARM
  • BroadMobi
  • Dexerials
  • eSOL
  • Fibocom
  • GP
  • HTC
  • Iriso
  • Isahaya
  • MCC
  • Microchip
  • MuRata
  • New Japan Radio Co Ltd
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  • Oike
  • Rectron
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  • Susumu Co Ltd
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